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Community Garden


Natrona County Master Gardeners Community Gardens

April - October

We grow veggies and friends! Natrona County Master Gardeners provide and maintain a community garden area on the grounds of the Agricultural Resource and Learning Center. There are two plots sizes 20' x 20' and 17' x 20'. Each year, plots not carried over from previous years renters are opened up to those who are looking for a little more space to grow!

Master Gardener volunteers are available throughout the growing season to give advice and share proper gardening skills with community garden participants. Little to no gardening experience? No problem! This is an excellent opportunity for those that do not have a gardening area at home or those that just want to maintain a small gardening space. It also is a fun way to meet fellow gardeners within your community while sharing ideas and learning!

Each garden plot is marked for easy reference. Many have soil that's been amended for years by our very own Master Gardeners. There are benches, dumpsters and water hoses on site.  For more information, to check availability or to rent a plot in our community gardens, please contact the UW Cooperative Extension at (307) 235-9400 or complete the form below and someone will be in contact.

Garden Plots (sold out for 2024)

2024 Community Garden Map.jpg

Please contact me with info on the Community Garden for 2025!

Thanks for your interest,

we'll be in touch soon!

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